Installing New Recessed Lighting In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

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Lighting in the kitchen and bathroom of many homes seems to get forgotten or overlooked by the builder. They create a great space but for some reason, these two areas of the home end of with soft, dull lights and in both cases, it is just not enough. Hiring an electrician to install recessed lighting in those areas will improve it and maintain the headroom of the area at the same time.

Considering Your Options

When you start to look at lighting options for your room or space, there are so many option available that it might take some time. Recessed lighting is a good option for parts of the home where headroom is a premium or where you just want a smooth, clean look. When you are considering lights, you will need to take into account how bright you want the lights to be. You may also want to consider LED's or an alternative bulb that will save money over the long run.

Double Checking The Space Requirements

It is a good idea to get an electrician to come and take a look at the area you want the lights in before you purchase any. If there is not enough space in the ceiling, they may recommend an alternative type of light for your space. There are other space saving light fixtures available and many are just as nice as the recessed lighting. The electrician will be able to tell you want your best option is based on your home and may even offer some options you had not considered.  

Installing Your New Lights

Once you have consulted with the electrician and picked your lighting fixtures out, the installation process can begin. They electrician will decide if you need a new circuit in the home from the new lights and if needed, run new wiring to the room from the electrical box. Once the fixtures are laid out, the electrician will install the fixtures and wire them into the circuit that he will be using. In the case of recessed lighting, the sheetrock will need to be cut for the fixtures to be installed so be sure to talk to the electrician about placement before he starts working. Once the ceiling is cut, repairing it properly would involve replacing the entire sheet of sheetrock.

Enjoy Your New Lighting

Once the job is complete, your new lights will add a lot to the space. In a kitchen, the lighting will be welcomed when cooking and in the bathroom, they will allow you to better see when dressing, applying makeup, or shaving. If the lights are placed right, you will have all the light you need and the room will be much nicer to work in.