Photo Gallery Walls: Electrical Upgrades To Improve The Views & Style Of Images

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One of the newest trends in homes is the creation of a photo gallery wall. These walls feature collages of images, quotes, and other decorations formed into a unique design. While every photo gallery wall is different, there are some features that you can add to really help the wall stand out. By hiring the services of an electrical contractor, you can dramatically improve the look of the wall and create a stunning visual space for your home. No matter what type of room this photo gallery is in, you can create some stunning visuals using the services of an electrician.

High Wall Outlets

Along with photos, you may have a few gallery pieces that may require some electricity. For example, you may want to hang up a neon sign or a shadow box with a light built into it. Dangling cords down to the ground can create a messy look to the wall. Keep everything looking smooth and tidy with the installation of high wall outlets. Higher outlets can provide you with easy ways to plug in items and set them up without a messy cord situation. It's a good idea to plan out the design of your wall so you know exactly where the outlet installations should go.

Accent Lighting

Shadows, poor angles, and darkness are all factors that can impair the look of a gallery wall. One way to consistently make the gallery wall the focal point of the room is to install accent lighting on the wall. An electrician can wire small accent lights that have their own switch in the room. The lights would shine upwards like a real art gallery and help to fully illuminate the images featured on your wall. Accent lighting can be installed for individual images or as a whole in the room.

Dimmer Light Switches

If you are using accent lighting in the room, then you can help that lighting stand out by having dimmer switches installed for other lights in the room. A dimmer switch can provide you with ways to turn down the main lights in the room and provide the walls with bright and vibrant lights. An electrician can install a dimmer switch that is wired to the wall or provide you with a wireless dimmer option depending on the product that you choose.

By getting these upgrades installed, you can dramatically change the way that a gallery wall looks and stands out in your home. Contact a company like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc to learn more.