Ways To Keep Commercial Tenant Energy Costs Low

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One of the continuous troubles of owning commercial property is the high costs of maintaining the building and paying for energy. Both electricity and heating and cooling energy can be reduced in a few simple ways.

Use Occupant Sensors for Lights and Heating

You want your building to be comfortable and accessible to tenants whenever they need it. But if they don't need amenities such as lights and heating (such as when no one is there), you don't want to have these fixtures on for no reason. The simple solution is to use occupancy sensors to control as many things as possible within your building. They will turn on the lights when an occupant is detected. And they can reduce or increase the heating and cooling expenditure depending on how many people there are to keep comfortable.

Maintain Heating and Cooling Equipment

In general, heating and cooling equipment will occupy one of the largest categories of spending for commercial utilities. But that doesn't mean you have to waste money.

For one, regular heating and cooling inspections will help you identify the biggest areas of improvement in a large commercial space. When you can cut down your expenses by changing filters, rerouting your HVAC system, or just cleaning your condensers, it's worth those regular checkups. And be sure that your heating and cooling system uses high standards for economizing energy. Heat pumps, economizers, and other tools to redistribute heat help a lot in a large office or commercial setting.

Maintain Electrical Equipment

Along the same vein, your electrical equipment will use less energy when it is properly maintained and no power surges are occurring. An electrical contracting company like Williams Electric Supply should come out at least once per year to monitor equipment.

Ask Tenants to Power Down Equipment

You could ask tenants to play a role in keeping energy waste low as well by having them power down equipment when it's not in use at night. You might even want to create incentives for tenants to use less energy by holding a contest or reducing rent for tenants who are energy economizers.

Monitor Individual Tenants' Energy Usages

If you find that your energy usage is higher than usual, you might want to track where the most energy is being spent and chat with those tenants. Unfortunately, many commercial tenant arrangements are such that tenants are allowed to use the facilities as they see fit. But it never hurts to have a personal talk to explain your stance on energy conservation and see if a compromise can be found.