What To Check When Your Gate Will Not Open & Close Properly

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If your gate is not opening and closing properly, run through the checklist below in order to troubleshoot and figure out what is wrong with your gate. 

#1 Check For Mechanical Issues

The first thing that you should do is check for mechanical issues with your gate. Start by making sure that nothing is in the way of the gate operating correctly, such as a large rock or stick that may be hindering your gate's operations. 

If you have a gate that swings open, that means you need to check and make sure that the hinges have not become loosen, fallen off or are damaged in any way. If they are damaged, you'll want to replace the hinges to see if that fixes the issue. Next, you are going to want to check the the gate arm to make sure that they have not been damaged as well.

If you have a sliding gate, there are some different mechanics that you are going to need to check on. You'll want to make sure that all the wheels are in good shape and that none have become broken. You'll want to check the track and make sure that it is clean of obstructions and remove any that you find. Finally, you'll want to inspect the chain to make sure that it is not damaged either.

If you find a mechanical issue, you'll want to fix it first to determine if that is what is holding your gate back from operating properly before moving onto the second part of the checklist. 

#2 Check For Electrical Issues

Second, you are going to want to check for electrical issues if no mechanical issues can be found with the the gate. 

Start by checking the keypad and make sure that no one has accidentally entered a hold open command that is keeping your gate open. If it is, just simply turn the command off. 

Next, most electrical gates have a fire department key switch. Make sure that the fire department switch is not activated and that your gate is in normal operating mode.

Then you'll want to move onto the photo eyes that send the signal that it is okay to open and close your gate. If the photo eyes have become dirty or covered up, your gate may not open and close properly. Additionally, if the alignment is off on the eyes, your gate may not work right either.

Finally, another more complex part of your gate's electrical system may not be working properly, which is when you would want to call in a repair company, like Double D Electric, to do a full workout and inspection to determine what electrical issue is preventing your gate from operating as intended.