2 Reasons To Have An Electrician Help Install Your Solar Power System

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Many people choose to go with a renewable energy source, either as a supplementary energy source or as a primary source. One choice of renewable energy is solar power. Solar panels or solar shingles can be placed on a roof so that they gather up the energy from the sunlight and then transmit that energy down to where it can be used. If you have decided that you want to have a solar power system installed at your house, you need to make sure that you have an electrician working with the installers. There are parts of your solar power system that will need to have an electrician do the installation, for safety reasons. 


One of the necessary parts of any solar power system is a transformer. The power that comes from the solar panels is direct current. Your house runs on alternating current. Trying to put direct current electricity into a system that uses alternating current electricity will cause all kinds of problems, from shorting out the system to starting a fire. So, having an electrician install a transformer in the electrical system before it gets into your house's electrics will help make sure that you get the power you want as well as keep your electrical and solar systems safe. 

Battery Bank

A battery bank will let you store up the energy that is produced by your solar panels so that you can use it on days where there isn't a lot of sunlight or for use at night. The battery banks are generally comprised of something like deep cycle marine batteries linked together so that as one fills up with stored electricity, the next one in line starts charging. When you start to use the power, it will take from one battery, and when that battery is empty, it will switch over to the next one in line, just like when they are charging. If you have an electrician install a battery bank as part of your solar power system, the transformer will have to go in between the battery bank and the house, because batteries are also direct current. 

If you want to have renewable energy at your house, you might consider using solar power. If you are going to get a home solar panel system, make sure that you have an electrician involved in setting up and installing your system and tying it into your house's electrics.